Frame Tents For SAle

Royal Tent Mthatha Frame Tents can accommodate a seating capacity between 50 and 1500 seats. We have a wide range of frame tents which includes, but not limited to, aluminium frame tents and world class marquee tents. We can also custom make your ideal size tent upon request.

Frame tents for sale. We are the only manufacturer in Africa and South Africa that gives world-class quality at extremely low prices. The Royal Tent Mthatha frame tents marquee for sale systems has developed into a preferred choice of marquee design with leading event hire companies in Africa. Frame tents are available in a variety of different mild steel and aluminium frame tent structures. Frame tents for sale are available in variety of different sizes in clear span tent sizes from 3m/4m/5/6m/7m/9m/10m/12m/15m/18m/20m/30m/40m/50m widths.

All clear span frame tents differ in wave heights.The Royal Tent Mthatha frame tents are designed and manufacture red in modular sections of 3m/5m.

To add to the flexibility of Royal Tent Mthatha frame tent system, all aluminium frame tents for sale are available in a number of aesthetically pleasing design options.

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